Our Story

Me, Us and Wellness were the first few words that came to our team’s mind when we were conceiving the idea of offering a one-stop platform for wellness seekers.  Decades ago we didn’t have that many choices in food but the global reach and modern technology has made it possible.

It was 7 years ago when I felt that I needed to bring change in our household living. Food and Water was great on the table but was it fully nutritional? The water we were using in our household was it purified and great for drinking? Was I exercising and balancing my diet. A midst of looking for answers and the correct lifestyle I started working out, eating mix of fruits, vegetables and protein and I could see slow and subtle changes in my body. My story is very common, what is important for anyone is the realization of this journey of adapting to lifestyle that gives you ability to be truly healthy in every way.

We live in times when many social media posts, surfing the internet can bring about awareness to many things and ideas with no boundary limitation. Thanks to that, both I and my husband decided to make this lifestyle a living reality.  We became owners of a juice-bar and accumulated a great knowledge about the various health foods and the choices that we can easily make in our daily lives that remain with us for a lifetime.

 We wanted to bring mix of Wellness products which can change your life so join with us in this great health journey! We offer an ensemble of products that aim to support your various needs at different levels.